Waterfront concept: process sketch

The recent Open Studio week activities including the “Art Slam,” walking tour and three open-house presentations led to a lot of progress for the WTIP, especially for the waterfront and wayfinding components of the plan.

Here’s a copy of the waterfront portion of what was developed – a broad-brush concept now, but one that reflects a lot of input from community participants. The actual presentation included side notes explaining key ideas for several of the areas illustrated, so we’ve added those same notes as mouse-over comments in the file below. Just hover over the stars for the notes, or click on the thumbtack icons for pictures that were included in the September 30 presentation.

Have thoughts or additional ideas? Compare this drawing with your own thoughts and ideas, and let us know what’s missing or what needs to be underscored as the plan continues to develop. Send your thoughts to the following address: WTIP comments, and look for dates on more workshops and other community presentations soon.

Concept sketch (Acrobat® file)

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